Pub refurbishment: Creating Schedule of works, programme and specification

A pub refurbishment project management can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be when you use a professional pub refurbishment designer that follows established, proven techniques for keeping a project exactly on budget, on time and to your precise specification. This blog post contains top tips for creating a schedule of works, programme and specification in order to create your perfect pub and restaurant refurbishment.

Keeping everyone informed

The more information you can give your contractors and suppliers, and the better they can understand what they are expected to deliver, the better you can control the project outcome.

Project management: Where to begin

Start by creating a list of everything you require. A spreadsheet is the best way of doing this. Organise the items into categories based around the trades and suppliers you need. This can be done as you go, or once the list is complete. Some of the categories we use are Builder’s work, Electrical, Plumbing, and Decorating.

We recommend this schedule of works structure even if you intend to use one main contractor for all of the project. Changes, variations, or extras are inevitable. Your structured schedule of works will allow you to have greater clarity when monitoring changes.

Project management: schedule of works

The schedule of works can be broken down to show supply items separately from installation. This is useful when there are items yet to be decided, such as fixtures and fittings. You may be looking for the perfect sink or bath and have yet to find it. In this case, add a line that lists what the item is. We suggest you add a budget sum for items where you have yet to source the product, but you know it will be required.

Tha Thatched Tavern Fabrics
The Thatched Tavern
The Thatched Tavern

Project management: Self-supply

Some items you may decide to purchase yourself for your contractor to fit. This is potentially a way to save money but does lead to some consequential outcomes that need to be understood. A contractor may reasonably add a markup to any item supplied by them. The increased price is to include the costs incurred in sourcing and procurement time, liability for damage or fault, and profit.

Project management: Liability

Any item supplied by you but fitted by the contractor is likely to be your responsibility should it prove faulty. Trying to prove it was not fitted properly is not always straightforward.

Project management: Specification

In addition to the schedule, the specification of each item provides the information on the work involved with each item on the schedule of works. For example, fitting of appliances – bath, cooker, and boiler. For health and safety, and to not invalidate any warranty, ensure you and your team members are working to the manufacturers fitting requirements.

For more comprehensive specification information there are industry standard systems such NBS.

The Project Programme of Works

The project programme can be as simple or detailed as you need to meet your requirements. Start with the basic information and build in detail until you are comfortable. This process will require input from your contractors once they are appointed.

Securing quotes

The information to send out when collating quotes is project start and finish deadlines, budget and quality specifications. Do a little research into lead times for the items you have already found. Disruption to supply channels has been affected by the Covid lockdown and will be further tested by transport and logistics issues globally.

Achieving your refurbishment project milestones

Ask contractors to confirm or advise on their availability to meet the dates you set out. Once you have your project team in place, organise a meeting with all present and run through the project in terms of what will happen when – and by whom. Identify the dates when any items you are supplying need to be available to each contractor.

Your pub refurbishment project programme

After the contractor meeting, produce an updated project programme to each supplier and contractor and issue this with any instructions to proceed. In this communication, set out dates for regular contractor team meetings where progress against the programme is monitored and adjusted accordingly.

Why pub refurbishment project management is so important

Managing your pub refurbishment well will have lasting long-term benefits. Good quality finishes last the test of time, whereas rushed jobs tend to have a legacy of ongoing issues that are difficult to resolve and disruptive to the running of the business. Implementing a project management process, schedule of works and specification will give you the best chance of success. 

Solid, professional project management will help to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget and to the required standard.

Top tips for managing your pub refurbishment project

  1. Review your project programme and specification with your project team of contractors
  2. Agree a project start date
  3. Issue instructions to the project team to go ahead with project commencement
  4. Hold regular meetings with team members throughout the project to monitor project progress
  5. Keep an eye on supplier lead times to ensure the project is completed in time.

Restaurant refurbishments require detailed plans

When it comes to restaurant refurbishment, having a well-planned and detailed schedule of works and specification is crucial. Not only does it help you stay on budget and schedule, but it also ensures that the end result meets your expectations. The schedule of works is a must-have document that breaks down everything that needs to be done, including supply items and installation. This is especially helpful when some items are yet to be decided, giving you the flexibility to add them later on without disrupting the overall plan.

Further considerations: Insurance, CDM, Planning & Building Control

Make sure the project is adequately insured during the works. Check contractors have the right policies in place and also the building is covered whilst in refurbishment.

CDM – Construction Design Management, projects are classified as ‘notifiable’ if the construction work phase is expected to last longer than 30 working days and have more than 20 workers working at the same time at any point on the project, or to exceed 500 person days.

Planning & Building Controls are administered by your local authority, and they can advise you if your project requires a planning application.

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