Delivering vital plumbing services to The Thatched Tavern

In this blog post, we interview Tristan Forsey, the principal plumbing contractor working with gutxi on the Thatched Tavern project. We ask him about his experience on the project and what he loved most about working with Mark Green and the team.

What was your greatest challenge working on the project?

The schedule was always quite tight with things so it’s making sure on top of that, so we can free up the next part of the project for the next tradesmen. You must work collaboratively with your other tradespeople because the work isn’t done, then it causes delays for everyone else as well. Keeping to the schedule is always a challenge. There’s a tight deadline to adhere to, and the work is completed quicker than expected.

What was your greatest success?

I quite like the plant room, the boiler, hot water cylinder and the workings of the heating system. It was quite a neat and tidy job. What we’ve done has kept everybody happy and can easily cope with the demands of the busy pub. The plant room is the heart of the building in terms of like heating and plumbing and we are proud of the installation and pipework.

The Thatched Tavern
The Thatched Tavern

Why is The Thatched Tavern pub refurbishment project different to other projects you’ve worked on?

The finish and the attention to detail that went into the pub refurbishment was quite good. The owners obviously invested a lot of money in The Thatched Tavern, and it reflects in the overall result. It’s nice – my family and I go there and enjoy it. The improvements from gutxi have made a huge difference.

How do feel about working with Mark and the team? 

You get plenty of detail to be able to deliver great results – a schedule of works, and the vision that goes alongside that. I quite like working with the team.

How do you feel about the value of the project – the value and durability of the materials, what it means to Maidencombe and to Torbay?

I think it’s a great asset really, you know, it’s nice to see places in Torquay being worked on, and the area getting improvements. New pub refurbishment projects are always a welcome sign – it improves the whole area.

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