Pub refurbishment: The balance between customer experience and functionality

What is the balance between customer experience and functionality when you are designing a pub refurbishment? Interior design for hospitality spaces must be functional to maximise space while maintaining hospitality needs and enhancing the customer experience. We work closely with all our customers throughout every stage of their pub refurbishment projects. In this blog, we explore principles of interior design through the recent Thatched Tavern interior design project in Maidencombe.

What does design-led mean?

For pub refurbishment, design-led means creating spaces which both business owners and customers will love. These spaces are designed to optimise hospitality functions and hospitality experiences.

When we design hospitality spaces, our goal is to achieve a perfect balance that enhances the customer experience through thoughtful interior design features; and create a perfectly functioning environment for the pub owners and team. 

Relaxing at The Thatched Tavern
Gastro pub food

We plan commercial kitchens to control overcrowding in the restaurant and select durable materials that withstand a busy environment. We work with the pub owner to create an inviting atmosphere with comfortable seating areas for customers to relax or enjoy dinner.

We work closely with all of our customers throughout every stage of their pub refurbishment projects.  We are attentive to their needs, respectful of the existing space and committed to making every project an amazing experience for their customers.

Mark Green, Director

What is a design-led approach to hospitality interior design?

A design-led approach ensures pub and restaurant owners achieve their business goals because we take the time to listen. We start by asking questions such as:

  • What is your vision?
  • How do you want people to feel when they are in your pub/restaurant?
  • Why do customers visit your pub / restaurant, and what would keep them coming back for more?

We listen to our customers when they decide to commission a design project. First, we meet with them to understand their needs. As hospitality design experts, we are committed to making each project a success because hospitality interior design is our passion and top priority.

Customer experience is enhanced through design

To ensure a high-quality customer experience, we choose a design aesthetic that ties in with the brand using textiles, artwork, colour schemes, furniture wall and window coverings, high-end finishes and accessories. Quality customer experiences mean 5-star ratings with rave reviews and repeat customers that come back week on week and year on year.

Tha Thatched Tavern Fabrics
Tha Thatched Tavern

Restaurant refurbishment that simply works

Functionality is key in any successful restaurant. It’s important to consider the restaurant’s services and offerings, including the kitchen, bar area, storage, and dining spaces. By delivering the right strategic placement for each of these features, the restaurant will run seamlessly and avoid overcrowding. A restaurant refurbishment expert works with the business owner to plan the best layout for the restaurant, ensuring the maximum use of space, and eliminating any bottle-necks throughout the floor plan.

Hospitality design is a fusion of form and function

A seasoned hospitality interior designer knows how to balance style with functionality, creating spaces both for businesses and its clients to enjoy. Businesses that are service-driven also include certain services or other features that they want to encourage consumers. A pub designer must plan a commercial kitchen and bar area to prevent a restaurant from overcrowding, while also choosing durable materials with the look and feel of desired pub style.

Selecting a hospitality interior designer

Curiosity and intellect are the trademarks of a design team that balances aesthetics and performance in its pub refurbishments – and the gutxi team prides itself on offering style, value and joy to every project we complete. We offer architectural planning services, structural design and interior design services.

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