Effings Delicatessen

Effings Delicatessen in Exeter was an extremely brave and ambitious project to take a tiny, but successful deli and cafe business and turn it into a ground breaking regional food brand.

Mike Kann’s enthusiasm and knowledge for fantastic food and ingredients could be seen in every product he selected. He employed us to create an environment that communicated the quality of the products on sale in an inspiring retail theatre.


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Exeter, Devon

Retail Interior Design in Exeter, Devon

Sadly¬†for Mike, the Exeter-based Effings Delicatessen business was not a success. The much smaller original shop in Totnes was a very personal shopping experience and Mike’s enthusiasm was enough to fill the space all on his own. Where as the Exeter store, located in a prime position on the High Street, needed at least 3-4 people with Mike’s enthusiasm and knowledge to engage and communicate with the increased level of footfall.

We felt that removing price labels from each product would be a mistake and so it proved, in a high street environment people were reluctant to ask how much a product was for a fear of not being able to afford it, which in turn led to a decrease in sales.

The important work on the retail presentation and point of sale design was never undertaken. As the often used quote says – ‘Retail is detail’.

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