Beautiful interior

Do you need help getting a project
off the ground?

Introducing the Fruition Design Project Calculator – an online tool to help you quickly create a report that captures the key information required to start a project.

Who should use it?

Anyone considering an interior design or refurbishment project.

What will it provide?

The calculator will capture all the baseline information required to manage and share your project with others. This includes a timeline, budget, target market, your style of design, and your customer experience.

How to use the information

Review all of the outputs of the report and easily identify where there are any gaps or challenges. You can revise the project and consult with others to develop a workable solution that meets your needs. Below each section are suggestions on how to make changes and achieve your project goals.

How is this information generated?

We have used our extensive database of previous projects and industry knowledge to identify typical costs, durations, and processes. This is baseline information on which to build the list of your specific requirements. Of course, no two projects are the same, and not all project characteristics and requirements may apply.

Transforming your ideas to reality…

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