How hospitality design improves the customer experience

In this case study, we spoke to Gary Furneaux, who is a business owner at Beverley Park Holidays, an award-winning holiday park in Paignton, for some insight into how they have managed and improved their customers’ experiences by improving the design of their hospitality offer.

Gary is no stranger to the hospitality industry. He’s been in the business for over 25 years and knows that in order to provide a great customer experience, you need to focus on quality. That’s why he commissioned an award-winning hospitality designer to help improve the style and value of his holiday park – and bring joy to both customers and employees.

What is customer experience?

People and products are the two main factors that influence a customer’s journey and their overall experience. These customer experiences have a huge impact on your business as these lasting impressions result in how they will remember you. Maintaining and improving these elements will ensure your customers have a happy and memorable experience.

Improving the customer experience through great design

In this case study, we spoke to Gary Furneaux, who is the Food and Beverage Manager at Beverley Park Holidays, an award-winning holiday park in Paignton Devon, for some insight into how they have managed and improved their customers’ experiences by improving the design of their hospitality offer.

About Beverley Park

Beverley Park Holidays are one of our valued clients who we have enjoyed working with over the past decade. As a family-run holiday park situated in South West England, its unrivalled sea views of the South Devon coastline make it one of Torbay’s family holiday hotspots.

Why is customer experience so important to local businesses?

In order to stand out from the competition you have to offer the customer an experience to remember. You need to look at the design of your hospitality offer and how it can influence and improve the customer’s experience. Creating a style that is unique to your brand will make you memorable and ensure people come back time and again.

The best holiday parks commission the best designers for their projects

You have to be the best at what you do, and work with a hospitality designer that can deliver real style and value to your project. You want your customers to have had a positive experience so that they go away and tell everyone what a great time they had and encourage others to book with us for their next holiday.

Improving the customer experience at Beverley Park

We spoke to Gary about some of the changes they made, and he said, “We wanted to improve the style and customer experience of our holiday park as well as bring joy to both customers and employees”. Some of the changes they made included a refurbished first floor bar and restaurant, a new reception and fish and chip shop among other improvements cars the park.

Improving Reception

gutxi introduced a new scheme that was inspired by the colours and textures of the classic seaside experience. Bright pastels, timber textures, soft fabrics and lots of fun graphics and accessories.

Behind the playful finishes there are lots of practical features that make the reception function more efficiently. This includes integrated storage for several hundred chalet keys and making sure information leaflets are displayed without detracting from the overall customer experience.

Improving the restaurant, “The Jetty

gutxi updated the furnishings and fittings to create a more luxurious feel ensure visitors to Beverley Park do not have leave the site in order to experience a high-quality family dining. An important part of this scheme was the refurbishment of the first-floor patio deck with its stunning sea views. Main this an attractive and comfortable place to sit has an enormous impact on sales in this area.

Improving informal dining at “The Chip Shop”

gutxi added unique touches such as paintings and ornaments from local artists is a key part of creating a memorable customer experience. We commissioned Cornish artisan wicker light shades that reference old style crab and lobster pots that would have been used in nearly ports such as Brixham and Dartmouth.

Bringing style and comfort to the overall design

Mark Green, owner of gutxi, explains how everything comes together to create excellent design overall:

“Style and comfort are equally important in hospitality design solutions. The visual impact of the design is what gets people through the door or to click on that booking button. But once inside it is often the non-visual design that has the most impact. Good acoustics, lighting, customer, and staff flow will play an important part in influencing the level of ‘comfort’ your customers experience.”

What difference has great hospitality design made to your business?

Since making these changes, Gary says they’ve seen a “huge difference” in their business. He explains, “Our customers are now enjoying a much better experience and we’ve even had some great feedback from employees too. They feel proud to work here and it shows in their customer service.” Gary offers this advice:

Focus on the quality of your hospitality offer and make sure you have a style that is unique to your brand. This will make you memorable and ensure people come back time and again.”

Mark Green

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What were the main issues affecting your customers’ experience of Beverley Park?

Some of our customer areas were in need of a fresh new look. With Torbay being a holiday hotspot, you can imagine the amount of local competition. We wanted to exceed the standards that our customers expected. We worked closely with our graphic and interior designers to create spaces and a style that is unique to Beverley Park.

What design changes have you made to Beverley Park to improve the customer experience?

We have improved the design of our key revenue areas, the reception, the bars, and the restaurants:

Reception design with style and impact

Our reception has been refurbished to improve the customers experience from the moment they arrive on site. Bold colours, bespoke lighting, relevant graphics and comfortable seating communicate the excitement and fun of a holiday with Beverley Park.

Improving the experience for customer and employees through great design

The extended reception desk has also improved the flow of the working area by making the check in process smoother.

A re-designed bar and restaurants increase customer comfort

We have also refurbished our bar and restaurant dining room to encourage customers to stay on site and enjoy good food and drink. By creating zones with the use of flooring and furniture, this one room can now accommodate guests looking for drinks, food or comfortable relaxed seating.

How have these changes improved your customers experience at Beverley Park?

Many customers have commented on the fresh new look of the refurbished areas through customer feedback forms. They appreciate the attention to detail and that we have listened to their suggestions. The changes made have not only improved the experience for customers but also our employees who feel proud to work in such a vibrant and well-designed environment.

How have you measured this improvement?

Since these changes we have seen an increase in customer spend per head at the park. This is due to the improved hospitality offer but also because customers are now staying on site for longer as they enjoy the atmosphere and facilities. We have also seen an increase in customer satisfaction scores which has been fantastic feedback for our team.

What advice would you give to other business owners suffering a decline in their customers experience?

Don’t stand still. Start investing in your customer areas. If you offer interesting and inspirational surroundings combined with great customer service, your customers will continue to return.

Essential elements to consider when commissioning hospitality designers for your next project

Client’s Vision

The first and most important thing is to be clear about your vision for the project. What are your goals and objectives? What does success look like? Once you have a clear understanding of this, you can start to brief the hospitality designer.

Beverley Park Chip Shop

Target Customers

Who are your target customers and what do they want from your hospitality business? This will influence the style, finishes, and furniture choices that the hospitality designer recommends.


The hospitality designer will need to understand how your business works so that they can design spaces that are fit for purpose. They will also be able to give you advice on the latest trends and technologies that can improve the efficiency of your hospitality business.


To design the overall style and shape of the hospitality environment. Be sure to ask for a portfolio of their work, and carry out site visits if possible.

Interior Design

To select the right furniture, fabrics, finishes and lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. You will want to see samples of all materials, colours, finishes, and furniture for your  hospitality environment.

Graphic Design

To produce eye-catching signage, wayfinding and marketing materials that support the overall hospitality offer. This includes menus and the website.

Customer Experience (CX)

To understand how customers move through the hospitality environment and how they interact with staff. This will help to improve the customer experience.

Value Engineering

To ensure that the hospitality project is delivered on time and on budget. This includes reviewing the specification and design to make sure that it is fit for purpose and cost effective.

Project Management

To coordinate all aspects of the hospitality refurbishment project from start to finish. This includes liaising with suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders.

Lighting design

To create an effective lighting scheme for the hospitality environment. Lighting will help set the scene and atmosphere for the space.

Acoustic design

To ensure that the hospitality environment is suitable for the type of customer you are catering for. This includes noise levels and sound quality.

Garden design

To create an inviting and relaxing outdoor space for guests to enjoy.


To make sure that the hospitality environment is accessible for all guests.

If you are looking to improve your customer experience, we recommend working with a hospitality designer who can cover all of these elements. By doing so, you will be sure to create a hospitality environment that your guests will love.

Great design makes the difference

Great design can really make a difference to businesses like Gary’s. If you’re thinking of making some changes to your hospitality offer, then make sure you get in touch with our graphics and hospitality interior designers who can help you create a style that is unique to your brand.

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