Contracting with purpose: A sustainable approach for contracting your pub refurbishment

Contracting is the foundation of any successful pub refurbishment project. The contracting process, however, can be challenging for both contracting parties and the final pub refurbishment results are often not considered until after the contract has been signed. This blog will consider all aspects of contracting relationships including:

  • Why does contracting locally matter?
  • How do good contracting relationships influence the final pub refurbishment results?
  • How do good contracting relationships benefit the pub / restaurant owner?
  • What about customer experience in my pub / restaurant?
  • Case study: Decorating The Thatched Tavern, Devon

Why contracting locally matters

Contracting locally means contracting with people who understand the  area and your business, know how to work within speed of your contracting team and meet deadlines. This will ensure that the contracting process is completed in a timely manner so you can focus on what matters most – running your pub and restaurant successfully.

How do good contracting relationships influence final pub refurbishment results?

A good quality relationship with your contracting team means that the outcomes for your pub and restaurant are of a high standard. Delays or sub-par contracting work can lead to issues with the final pub refurbishment results, which is why contracting locally with trusted partners matters in terms of high style, great value and customer satisfaction.

How do good contracting relationships benefit your pub and restaurant?

Contracting relationships play an important role in ensuring the final pub refurbishment results are of a high quality and meet both parties’ expectations. By listening to the experts you are working with, you can learn a lot. We listen to our contractors and the people we work with, knowing that when we go to site and need some extra advice, we can get extra advice on how to make things work.

When we meet with our plumbers, decorators and builders on site and ask for opinions, it reveals details and insights that we can take forward in the project and planning process.

Contractors working on The Thatched Tavern

High-quality decorators, Dean Black, commented on their experience working at The Thatched Tavern:

As a scheme, it all worked so lovely. The colours and tones in the decorating work beautifully with gutxi’s styling. This refurbishment has made this very traditional pub look very modern. It’s kind of unusual, for example, the was the beams look; now is very sophisticated. It’s down to the styling of the pub refurbishment, the colours, the finishes, and of course the furnishings – the tables, chairs and banquettes.

Dean Black, Dean Black Painting and Decorating

How high-quality, local contracting affects the dining and drinking experience

We see the future potential of refurbishing your restaurant bar, and transform your existing premises into unforgettable, magnificent spaces for memorable customer experiences. Maintaining good relationships with local contractors means that your pub will have a positive impact on the local community. Loyal customers are more likely to visit if they know you contracting locally, and contracting locally will mean working closely with people who know you and your pub.

Experience matters

gutxi have over 20 years of experience at work in numerous restaurant and hospitality refurbishment contracts. From major construction projects to procurement of furniture, our skilled team provides personalised services for each client. We proudly offer our clients quality interior design for restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, leisure businesses and tourist attractions. Our committed team works efficiently and with strict deadlines with all works completed to deadline, or with changes approved by the client. We only employ the best crafts and trade professionals to guarantee the highest quality finishes and an excellent end result for your business.

I’ve been decorating for a long period of time, and I’ve worked for lots of high-end clients all across the UK. We have a benchmark, and gutxi’s design always meet and exceed our expectations in pub refurbishment. I’ve worked with Mark for a long period of time – over 20 years – on projects from clients across the Southwest, and we always deliver a high-end finish, whether it’s with wall coverings or just simple paints. it’s always done to the highest standards.

Dean Black, Dean Black Painting and Decorating
Dean Black

We only contract locally, and only with the best

Only experienced restaurant refurbishment companies are able to appreciate how important their responsibilities are. We offer fully functional bar and restaurant facilities throughout Devon and the Southwest and surroundings. We combine our expertise and imagination to produce exceptionally high-quality restaurant refurbishment projects.

Trustworthy bar and restaurant refurbishment contractors

Our bar and restaurant refurbishment service will give new life to your existing hospitality offer. We provide an end-to-end customer experience from your brand, website, menus through to a complete restaurant fit out.

This blog post has covered contracting relationships, why contracting locally matters and the benefits of contracting locally for both parties involved in a pub refurbishment project. Good quality contracting relationships are vital when it comes to ensuring that the final pub refurbishment results meet all expectations.

Get in touch with gutxi to learn more about how our local contractors can benefit your pub refurbishment.